Billboard Man

After a savage beating that left him near death – and brought him no closer to his estranged daughter – the nameless drifter returns to the road, still a haunted man who’s yet to recover from the brutal murder of his wife.

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Road to Nowhere

For years the drifter haunted the background of American life, roaming the side streets and highways that crisscross this vast country.  Cool and handsome, with a single teardrop scar and a knack for silence that keeps the world at bay, he is a man alone.

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Narrows Gate

In the years surrounding World War II, a gritty Italian-American community in the shadow of New York City known as Narrows Gate is home to brutal wise guys, a gifted crooner hell bent on success and two young friends who have no idea what the future holds – or how it can rip them apart.

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